Small Circle Jujitsu

Elbow Strike Insert

Prof. Leon Jay Seminar Series Vol. 2

The second in a planned series of instructional DVD’s by Prof. Leon Jay. This DVD includes the following techniques essential to your understanding of and mastery of Small Circle Jujitsu: Wrist Lock, the Ten Principles of Small Circle, Opening the fist, Elbow Strike Insert, Pistol Grip, Two Finger Bent Elbow, Thumb Lock, Thumb Peel, Cross Wrist Escape, Cross Wrist Using Pressure Points, Opposite Wrist Escape, Centerline Theory , Vertical Wrist Lock , Double Hand Shove, Stomach 5 Strike, Kneeling Arm Bar, Monkey Paw, Side Arm Bar, Drag Over, Squeezing Knee Arm Bar, Chicken Wing, Right Leg Step Over, Left Leg Step Over.

This DVD is packed with vital information for anyone from beginners to advanced martial artists. An essential for anyone wishing to incorporate Small Circle Jujitsu into their personal self-defense system.

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