Small Circle Seminar in Paris

Earlier this year Sensei Arnaud Esclangon conducted a Small Circle Jujitsu seminar in Paris to help spread the Small Circle Jujitsu style across Europe.

Small Circle Jujitsu Seminar, Paris Small Circle Jujitsu Seminar, Paris

Arnaud had this to say…

Julien Guillouard from Paris invited me last week to introduce to his “Young Dragons” class some of the techniques we practice in Small Circle Jujitsu. They worked really hard at it and had a very good attitude, we all had a lot of fun and good laughs! Later I have been able to conduct the adult class. We went more into details of the 10 Principles to give them a concept approach of what Small Circle Jujitsu is about. We went into different techniques such as finger locks in order to emphasize on the Fulcrum, Lever and Base principle, then using strikes, arm traps and basic locks to focus on the smallest point possible principle, giving me the opportunity to talk about the Kyusho and Tuite Jitsu we use in Small Circle Jujitsu for a maximum efficiency. I would like to thank my Sensei, Prof. Leon Jay for his trust giving me this great opportunity to direct this seminar.

Arnaud Esclangdon,
Small Circle Jujitsu Montpellier – France

For more information on Small Circle Jujitsu in France get in touch with Arnaud here :
Small Circle Jujitsu, Montpellier