Happy Birthday Bernice!

Update 11th Feb 2013
Bernice enjoyed a wonderful celebration for her birthday and you can download the programme here :

Bernice’s 90th Flyer

Happy New Year!
This year gives us the good fortune to celebrate our mother Bernice Jay’s 90th Birthday.

When I was growing up in Alameda in our kitchen was a little plaque with the saying “Behind every man stands a woman telling him he’s wrong.” Perhaps there was a bit of truth in that plaque: Bernice certainly does have an opinion!

Her support, sacrifice and understanding of dad’s ambition and goals helped him become the great martial artist and man that we recognize today. She was right there on the mat, prepping for the Luau fund raisers for the judo team, as well raising a family she is proud of. My mother and father brought their Hawaiian style and customs with them into California. They always had a very open door policy and over the years made countless people welcome in our home and dojo.

Our mother was a natural athlete: she could play just about any sport and play it well. She achieved her Black Belt in Jujitsu in a shorter time than our father and was well able to chuck the boys around. When I was born in 1955 she was a 3rd degree black belt in Kodenkan Jujitsu and now is 7th in Small Circle Jujitsu. She would travel with Prof. around the world and it was during his seminars you would see her pop up between a couple of black belts trying to get their heads wrapped around a fingerlock with “excuse me but this is how it is done” WHAM! I have heard that exact story told by John Mellon in the UK, Chan in New Zealand and others from all parts of the world. I think she just gets a kick out of it.

Those of you that have met her love her and if you haven’t yet, you will.

Happy Birthday Mom
From your fine family;
Alan and Pam
Antoinette and Jim
Leon and Sandra
Grand and great grand children.

Or mo betta yet Hau‘öli La Hanau (Hawaiian)
I better watch out one time I came back from Hawaii talking pidgin and got a slap across my head.
Prof Leon Jay