Congratulations to Small Circle's new black belts!

We are proud to welcome 7 new black belts into the Small Circle Jujitsu family and promote another.

The following students achieved the rank of Shodan – 1st Dan :

Stuart Aldridge – Epsom, UK
Kevin Balmer – Indianna, USA
Arnaud Esclangon – Montpellier, France
Harold Hart – Indianna, USA
Ross Koppel – Alameda, USA
Graham McGrath – Epsom, UK
Jonathan Smith – Epsom, UK

The following student received the rank of Nidan – 2nd Dan :

David Burke – Epsom, UK

Well done!

Black-Belt Grading
Black-Belt Grading at Prof. Wally Jay’s Remembrance Convention 2012 – newly awarded grades sit in the front row with the spectacular judging panel behind

Check out our other black belts. If you are not on the list please contact us.