Like Father Like Son's

When I started at Small Circle Jujitsu 4 years ago, I had no idea it was going to become such a family affair.

I was fascinated by the system’s precision, it’s effectiveness and it’s unique use of pressure points integrated into the the strikes and locks.

But I it wasn’t long before my sons 6 and 7 yr old sons Jaden and Nathan wanted to see what their dad was up to. So I brought them along to the clubs junior classes. I was curious to see what they would make of it after a world full of WWF, computer games and instant distractions.

To them, it’s just the best fun in the world, getting to grips with the grappling and learning that learning concentration and practise really do bring rewards.

The smiles on their faces when they master a new technique is something that you just cant put a price on.

It’s not all work though and there are plenty of games and laughs where they can let of steam.

In a few months, I’ve seen a real improvement in their ability to concentrate and stick to a task, to listen and show respect to the other students and instructors.

When I see them sitting still for the breathing and relaxation exercises, well, I have to check the photos in my wallet to make sure they really are the same kids. But what’s really important for me as a dad, is that my sons are learning in a safe family environment, skills that will help them out in the real world that isn’t always so friendly.

Small Circle knows all about families because that’s where it came from, Prof. Leon Jay’s father invented the system and passed it down to him, where he adapted it and made it his own.

In a way, that’s what im trying to do with my boys, share something with them that will last a life time.

by Jon Wilkins
Leatherhead UK