Message from our Founder Professor Wally Jay


First of all Happy New Year I hope this decade will be kinder to us all.

I am fortunate to have made such good friends and students over the years.

Many of you have been helping Bernice and I with things that need to be done and we appreciate your generosity in the spirit of Ohana. I wish to thank all my friends that have called and visited this last year, it means a lot to us. My family has been very supportive and I look forward to more good times together.

In October Rick Wong organized a seminar at the home club in Alameda where my son Leon flew in from England with Phil Courtney (Senior Instructor Kensekai Jujitsu UK), we were also joined by a few of my Black Belts: Jim Hundon, Dave Quinonez and Rob Gale came onto my mat to teach. It was great to see how Small Circle is continuing to develop into an even more effective art. Some of the Grandmasters in attendance acknowledged Leon’s skill and presentation. My thanks to Phil for sharing his techniques that day; a very powerful style.  I am very proud of Leon; he has taken Small Circle to another level.

For several years Leon has talked to me about Association changes that need to be made in Small Circle Jujitsu I was resistant but I now must agree. It has been brought to our attention from our trademark attorneys that someone has chosen to trademark Small Circle Jujitsu for himself.  I have sent registered letters asking him to remove his claim of trademark because Small Circle Jujitsu is already trademarked for the Jay Family.  He has refused to accept my registered letters – this is unacceptable and needs to be rectified.

Over the years it turns out my signature has been forged. At my 90th Birthday Prof. Don Jacob caught someone asking for an autograph only to find a certificate hidden under a piece of paper, I’m glad Don held his temper… boy he was angry.  I am glad my son Leon is changing things because it is time.  The feedback I receive about the work he is doing makes me proud.  He has good people doing a great job for Small Circle like Lee Eichelberger, John Mellon, Will Higginbotham, Dave Castoldi and many other of my students, keep up the good work.

There are many people over the years that I have had the opportunity to share my art with as colleagues and students. Foremost is the camaraderie and loyalties we have forged. The principles, concepts and techniques we share are extremely powerful as we have shown over the years, after all “Pain Makes Believers.”  Many thanks to you who have been loyal to me, my family and my art, Small Circle Jujitsu.


Prof. Wally Jay