Message from the GM Prof. Leon Jay

The purpose of Professor Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu Association is not only to perpetuate the martial arts values of respect, discipline, honor and loyalty, but also to hold true to the family’s traditional values and the principles Prof. Wally Jay taught throughout his lifetime. His art of Small Circle Jujitsu, although eclectic and continually changing, is held together by the principles and values he lives by.

We are committed to honor those that have come before us and laid the foundation, support those that are today continuing the work in progress, and keep the family of Small Circle Jujitsu on a clear course for the future.

Professor Lee Eichelberger is the keeper of the original syllabus and teaching of Prof. Wally Jay, he continues to teach in California at his own studio and a master class -by invitation only – at the Hombu.

Dave Quinonez is actively teaching Prof. Jay’s Small Circle Judo methods and techniques at the Prof. Wally Jay Dojo in Alameda, California and has been sharing his knowledge at the camps and seminars.

My earliest memories are of my father, my family: Alan, Alberta, and Toni Jay; cousins Winnona Purdum, Bill, Wayne, Daryl, and Doug Sniffen, Walter, Gary, Heather and Brad Burgo and his students in the home dojo, at demonstrations and tournaments.

I remember in the late 1950’s and early 60’s my father and his black belts: Walter Burgo, Lee Eichelberger, Bob McCallaugh, Sherly Connor, Jasper Cummings, Robert Lindstum, working continuously refining Small Circle Theory, this was his laboratory where these men and women laid the foundation for Small Circle Jujitsu today.

Throughout the years my father has had legions of dedicated black belts: Dave Fairfield, Janice Okamoto, Bob Hodge, Jim Hundon, Chris Peterson, Dave Quinonez, Brad and Gary Burgo, Jim Mussells, Steven Seroy, John Love, Debbie Fischer, John and David Wilhite, Larry Williams, Wayne Thompson, Richard, David and Tom Quinonez, Rob Gale, Terry Lufkin, Chris Peterson, Bonnie Oviat… There are many others that have trained in and been a part of Small Circle Jujitsu and Judo that are not mentioned here, but I wish to open a dialogue with them for the mutual support of this beautiful art.

Later in his travels, teaching Small Circle to the rest of the world, my father met and recruited people into the SCJ:  Dave Castoldi, Ed Melaugh, Ron Ogi, John Mellon, Tom Renner, Stan Miller… Many of us are continuing to travel as my father has to share the art of SCJ worldwide.  To continue forward it is necessary that we stay committed to supporting our association and Prof. Jay’s ideals, constantly seeking the highest standards and developing quality instructors, black belts and students.

My father and I have agreed the importance of restructuring the organization to promote cohesion and consistency.  In the past we have followed a ‘hands off’ policy, but we realize now that despite the geographical distances involved, we must be more proactive in maintaining quality control of the art.

Prof. Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu Association currently has programs in place to try to fulfil the needs for today.  Will Higginbotham and I have created a more current syllabus, including: weapons defense, consisting of some techniques of the late and great Prof. Remy Presas, knife defense techniques of Prof. Dave Castoldi, gun control by officers David Rhodes (trainer for the Indiana University Law Enforcement Academy) and Ian Lothan; and the utilization of pressure points for grappling and striking first taught to us by George Dillman.

John Mellon and I have developed a Small Circle Concepts program.  It is a seminar based program, designed to allow other martial artists to acquire the core mechanics and signature techniques of the art when geographical distances make it impractical to train regularly in the full syllabus.

It has been a great journey and I wish to remember those that are all but forgotten for the importance of the role they have played in the development of SCJ.  It is up to us to continue to progress and reach for the highest of standards to carry on the work (left for us) as caretakers of the art.  I am looking forward to working with those that wish to continue this journey and am open for suggestions and constructive communications.

Prof. Leon Jay GM