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Prof. Wally Jay’s 90th Birthday Tribute (2 Disc)

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Prof. Wally Jay’s 90th B-day Tribute multiple instructors plus Prof. Jay at 90 years of age, demonstrating Small Circle Jujitsu. As the founder of Small Circle Jujitsu, Professor Wally Jay has had a profound impact on the martial arts - worldwide. In 2007, Masters and Grandmasters from all around the globe gathered in Oakland, California to honour him on his 90th Birthday. It was an event like no other. For the entire weekend, Grandmasters, Masters and practitioners exchanged skills and techniques all in the spirit of Aloha and all in respect of Professor Jay's outstanding achievements. Be part of this amazing gathering, captured here for you on this Double Disc DVD set.

Disc 1: The Birthday Banquet and private Dojo tour. See if you can identify all of the notable martial artists gathered to pay their respects!

Disc 2: The World Class Instructors' Seminars and Demonstrations, plus a slideshow. This double DVD is a treasure, worth double the price!

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