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Notice: Sunday 4th October 2020

Well to my great disappointment but not surprise, we still have no confirmation of opening for clubs from Leatherhead Leisure Centre managed by Fusion Lifestyle LTD. Fusion has not given local managers any information to pass on to us. It would be nice to have some communication even it was to say they have no clue but in dealing with Fusion over the years it seems to be the standard.

Once again, reviewing the increase in COVID rates it may be safer for us to remain closed for this period. I strongly feel your safety is most important and wish to remain part of the solution.

For those that have continued financial support, I wish to thank you I will be in touch soon. I have an idea that you might like.

Be well
Prof Jay

Notice: Tuesday 4th August 2020

Leatherhead Leisure Centre is back with a phased opening starting on the 3rd August 2020. At this stage, the gym is opening along with group exercise classes on the 3rd August and the pool shortly after on the 10th August. Following the release of the government guidelines the leisure centre are still considering how best, and when, to allow bookings to resume for block bookers, clubs, schools and any other hirers.

Unfortunately, this means that we are still unable to train at this time. I as much as you, wish to get back to hands-on training, as the need to stress-release during these times is obvious. That being said, safety is paramount and we wish to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Please follow sensible guidelines so we can get back together and train safely.

Prof Jay

Notice: Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hope this finds you all, safe and well as the days turn to weeks hopefully we can stay fit. We have uploaded Professor Wally Jay’s 1 st and 2nd 60-minute videos.
Throughout the current situation, we plan on uploading more training videos only to our current UK members.

Unfortunately, some of my contact details for members were lost when my backup drive (NAS) crashed so if you know of any of our students that have not been contacted please reach out and help assure their contact information reaches me so I
can send this message and any further messages to them.

Please contact me at the email below to make sure I can add you to the list to receive any new content from us.

Thanks for your patience. Be well, stay safe, stay home and train hard.

Prof Jay

Notice: Tuesday 17 March 2020 Small Circle Jujitsu Training

Dear Students,

Boris Johnson, our fearless leader, has recommended that we should not gather in clubs. I wish to comply and be a part of the solution as seen by the experts so it is suggested classes be suspended for the advised duration. We are looking into online training hopefully very soon, if you are interested please send an email to

Remember the adult syllabus is on the website and you can access the videos if you are a current active member using the username and password.

Stay alert as things become more difficult people can become desperate, remember your training open your awareness.

Be well and mentally strong

Prof. Leon Jay

If you require more information you can contact me on the e-mail above

Small Circle Jujitsu UK Children's classes

Small Circle Jujitsu offers well-rounded programs for juniors, teens and adults that incorporate elements of Jujitsu, Karate, Pressure Points, Weapons Defence and Judo . Classes are focused on respect, self control, self-discipline, fitness and active learning in a safe environment. A full grading system, recognised worldwide, is provided with the opportunity for instructor certification.

Train with Grandmaster Jay and his Black Belt Instructors.

Prof. Leon Jay has studied martial arts since the age of two; his father and mother being his first teachers and has trained in several martial disciplines. He is a second generation Grandmaster and continues to promote his art all over the world. Our UK classes are the only place where you can train with him on a weekly basis and beginners are always welcome!


Call Prof. Jay 01737 210 052

Small Circle Jujitsu Leatherhead

Classes run every Tuesday.


Juniors (7-10 years) 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Adults   7:30pm
Club Name: Small Circle Jujitsu
Address: Leatherhead Leisure Centre
(The Mariners Suite), Guildford Road,
KT22 9BL,
Contact Number: +44(0) 1737 210 052

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