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Small Circle Jujitsu, eclectic in style and evolutionary by nature, is continually progressing towards a higher standard. It is understood that no one system has all the answers and it is our goal to strive for better ones. Professor Jay’s teachings give us the ability and tools to discover, perfect and improvise. The open sharing of knowledge has been a trademark of the Professors and it is in this spirit of sharing that we can develop to our greatest potential on our chosen path. Although Small Circle Jujitsu Concepts are relatively modern ones, based on traditional styles, we choose to move forward honoring the past but not dwelling in it.

Within the Small Circle Jujitsu family there are many talented instructors with a broad range of skills, operating out of a number of dojos. This site only lists dojos that have been qualified to teach Small Circle Jujitsu by the Head Instructor of the style, Professor Leon Jay or by the founder, Prof. Wally Jay and have appropriate certification and current membership of a type specified below.


An Individual Membership is for an individual practitioner who wants to train and test for rank in Small Circle Jujitsu. This person can practice Small Circle Jujitsu concepts alongside other styles of martial art they train. If you’re already a grappler, it may be helpful to know that whatever your style, Small Circle’s concepts are applicable.  An official instructor must have recognized certification as 2nd Dan or above in a valid and reputable martial art, with valid and current membership in Small Circle Jujitsu. Instructors are permitted to teach the Small Circle Jujitsu style with written authority by headquarters to individual members who have current and valid membership of Prof. Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu.

A Dojo Membership allows Small Circle Jujitsu Black Belt instructors to teach the full Small Circle Jujitsu syllabus and all club members are members of Prof. Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu. This club may conduct official Small Circle Jujitsu grading and award rank appropriately. All black belt grading are done with Professor Leon Jay. 

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  • Step 2: Setup a Subscription for your membership via Paypal.
  • Step 3: Create a username and password for the website for the Members Section where you will access training material. 
  • Step 4: Create your online profile with your personal information (you’ll be sent a SCJ Patch as well).
  • Step 5 (for Dojo Members): Submit a Dojo Listing within the Members Section of the website. 

If you come across any issues during the membership sign up process, contact us via web form.

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*Terms & Conditions:
  • All fees are automatically processed yearly. If payment is cancelled, then it is assumed that membership is also cancelled.
  • Dojo/Member status shall be removed from the official site if membership payment has lapsed and the club and it’s members will no longer be recognized as members of Prof’s Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu™.
  • Club is allowed to advertise/market itself as a Small Circle Jujitsu club (status reflected on official website) while membership maintained.
  • Gradings are invalid where either club or individual membership has lapsed at time of grading.
  • All certificates to be issued centrally from headquarters (designated by current generation Headmaster)
  • Rank is eternal, but recognition/status is dependent upon currency of membership and assessments at reasonable intervals. (Assessment may be formal or informal e.g. attendance/participation at yearly Small Circle Camps and conducted by authorized officer of Prof. Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu.)