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John Mellon

John Mellon was born in Glasgow and comes of Irish and Scots ancestry on his father’s side and Italian stock on his mother’s.  He began training at the age of 4 with his Sicilian grandfather in the family fencing system, La Famiglia Porrelli Scherma di Siciliano dating back to the 11th century when his forebears were sword-masters to the Dukes of Sicily.  In recent years many groups have formed throughout the Western world attempting to revive the traditional European combative fencing systems, largely through the study of a handful of ancient texts.  John however is, as far as he knows, the only exponent living of an extant combat fencing system.

At the age of 9 he began training in a variety of oriental martial arts, becoming an assistant instructor at the age of 14 in his local karate club.  He has acquired teaching ranks in more than two dozen martial arts styles, is master ranked in five, the headmaster of two, the founder of one and the co-founder of two others, the most recent of which is Maide Uisce with Martin Forrester.  His martial arts expertise covers systems of empty-hand striking and grappling and a wide variety of weapons skills from all the major martial cultures of South East Asia and some of the rarer Indo-Chinese systems.  He is a former body-guard, and spent some years re-training military personnel for civilian security work on behalf of TASK – at the time one of the leading training and operational agencies. 

John is skilled in a number of Stress and Pain Control systems, and related training methods such as self-hypnosis and autogenics.  His life-long research into accelerated learning systems informs his training of clients in a variety of psycho-physical disciplines.  He has been featured in a variety of publications, such as Esquire, Woman’s Journal, Elle, Health & Fitness, She, and most of the UK and US martial arts magazines as either subject or author.

He is a former Senior National Coach (this status no longer exists) with the National Coaching Foundation, and he previously devised and delivered the Level 1 and 2 Coaching certificate courses required for instructor status within the AMA.

He is the official Technical Advisor to Profs. Wally and Leon Jay, the founding and 2nd generation Headmasters respectively of Small Circle Ju-jitsu, and is the Assistant Director of Kalis Ilustrisimo (the most feared and respected blade fighting system in the Philippines) for the UK and Ireland.

John is 52 years of age and has been training almost daily for 48 years and teaching, again almost daily, for 38 years.  He has BA Honours degrees in English Literature and in Comparative American Studies, and a Masters in History.  He works mostly as a Business Analyst and Training Designer for large corporations, and as an Executive Coach, and he is a full member of the Business Continuity Institute, a British-based international body setting the gold standard for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning world-wide.

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John Mellon
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