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Professor Lee Eichelberger


Professor Lee  Eichelberger

Professor Lee Eichelberger is a 10th degree black belt in Kodenkan Jujitsu, a 9th degree in Small Circle Jujitsu tm and one of three professors in Small Circle Jujitsu™, the others being Professor Wally Jay and Professor Leon Jay. Professor Eichelberger was the senior student of Professor Wally Jay for many years.

Professor Eichelberger has been involved in Jujitsu for over 50 years, as both a continuing student and instructor of Jujitsu in both Small Circle Jujitsu and Kodenkan Jujitsu. He still teaches at the home dojo in Alameda, California, including a special monthly "Master’s Class" for senior instructors of other styles to introduce them to Small Circle Jujtisu.

Professor Eichelberger is a founding member and past president of Jujitsu America, where he continues to serve on various boards, including the standards board and Council of Professors. He has also received numerous awards from several organizations:

  • Jujitsu America:
    • Patriarchs Award
    • Wally Jay Award
    • Black Belt Hall of Fame
    • Instructor of the year
  • United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame:
    • Jujitsu Grand Master of the year

In addition he has taught at many conventions, clinics and been an invited instructor at dojos and camps in Hawaii, Boston, Indiana, New York and California. He enjoys teaching self-defense to students at all levels. His training and teaching includes the small circle theory and its many applications and he has a special interest in many Kodenkan Kata forms, both older and modern interpretations.

His favorite technique – "Arm Bars"

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Professor Wally Jay

Professor Leon Jay
Grand Master and Inheritor

Professor Lee Eichelberger

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