Membership Information

Thinking of joining a Small Circle Jujitsu class ? Here are a few things that might help.

Small Circle Jujitsu offers the opportunity to be tested and hold rank in Small Circle Jujitsu and to qualify for instructor certification. Members also receive a Small Circle Jujitsu patch, newsletter and discounts on products and events.

The ranking system is outlined in a syllabus of techniques and principles of Small Circle Jujitsu with its own unique terminology and breakdown principles. Small Circle Jujitsu is a martial arts system which is constantly changing and evolving into a more efficient expression of application – it is not a fixed system. It is a modern system, growing and reaching new heights, as the next generation of Small Circle Jujitsu practitioners takes it to a higher level.

*Terms & Conditions:

  • All fees are due by 1st January yearly, terms of payment mean that by February 15th, membership is late and therefore lapsed.
  • The first year payment is due if previous membership has lapsed.
  • Dojo/Instructor and Member status shall be removed from the official site if membership payment has lapsed and the club and it’s members will no longer be recognised as members of Prof’s Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu™.
  • Club is allowed to advertise/market itself as a Small Circle Jujitsu club (status reflected on official website) while membership maintained.
  • Gradings are invalid where either club or individual membership has lapsed at time of grading.
  • All certificates to be issued centrally from headquarters (designated by current generation Headmaster)
  • Rank is eternal, but recognition/status is dependent upon currency of membership and assessments at reasonable intervals. (Assessment may be formal or informal e.g. attendance/participation at yearly Small Circle Camps and conducted by authorized officer of Prof. Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu.)