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Small Circle Jujitsu Seminar at MKA Karate

Sat 18th March 2017
All Day

Following in his father’s footsteps, Leon Jay has been spreading the tradition of Small Circle Jujitsu throughout the world. His unique blend of joint locks and pressure point techniques forms a devastating system of self-defense that can be easily incorporated into any style. All students are encouraged to take advantage of this great opportunity to train with one of the best martial artists in the world when he visits from England.

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MKA Karate
5060 State Rd, 2nd Floor
Drexel Hill

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Prof. Leon Jay performs an arm bar

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Small Circle Jujitsu is a precise and practical system that I often taught to my soldiers. What I like most about Small Circle is speed; soldiers in combat situations need to resolve an encounter quickly and Small Circle Jujitsu training fits that need.

Robert A. Guihan,


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