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Sat 26th April 2014
All Day

The Kyusho Jitsu Grandmaster and Small Circle Master Will Higginbotham will be hosting Masters Dave and Brad at his dojo in Indianapolis on the 26th April. Anyone who attended the Fall Small Circle Camp will understand what a treat they have in store.

Brad Burgo was characterised by Prof. Wally Jay as ‘the finest judoka he had seen, bar none’, and he held Dave Quinonez in the same high esteem for his technical teaching ability. I have 51 years of daily martial arts training behind me and I have never seen a better technical teacher than Dave; he will take you from grappling ‘zero to hero’ more reliably and in a shorter time than any teacher I have encountered. Similarly, when Brad took hold of me, ‘in grip’ I knew from the first moment my resistance was irrelevant; if you have some experience of the throwing arts – particularly as a competitor – he is a terrific coach who will definitely improve your performance.

Judo was the first oriental art I tried at the age of eleven, but although the club I attended was made up of excellent judoka, I decided after a few lessons that it wasn’t for me; by contrast, my little sister took to it like a duck to water and became an English International player. With the arrogance of youth I dismissed Judo as a compromised martial art, due to its emphasis on competition, for much of my early martial arts career. Prof. Wally quickly disabused me of this foolish notion when I first met him, and at his memorial camp, Masters Dave and Brad just blew me away and continued to do so at Indianapolis in October 2013.

I like to think I can stop almost any attacker from laying hands on me, most of the time, but just like with Professors Wally and Leon, I know if Dave or Brad do, the fight is as good as over. It was a real privilege to have them throw me around like a rag doll; I just hope that at 55, I can still learn the basics of their extraordinary skills. If you get the chance to attend, I would urge you most strongly to take that opportunity; even if the throwing arts never become your focus, you will at least understand the danger they represent.

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Thinking about the Prof. Wally Jay Memorial event in Sacramento in the summer of 2012, a number of things come to mind, both now and then, and at the time I was particularly struck by the model attitude and demeanour of the young Judoka from Master Dave Quinonez’ class. It was one of the many memorable things about the event and I wrote about it at the time, but I found myself dwelling on it again last night as I was talking with Prof. Leon.

A number of young people drawn from Master Dave’s class at the hombu were sponsored to attend the event; all part of the organisation’s commitment to their development as martial artists and people. I have to say they covered themselves in glory in a quiet, thoughtful way. Their attitude, manners, work rate and technical abilities all spoke volumes. Now I have to confess that I am something of an old cynic, but they were, in short, a great advert for themselves, their teacher and their generation. I always promised myself I wouldn’t turn into that curmudgeonly old man I seem to resemble sometimes; I try very hard to look for the good and comment upon it at least as often as I complain or criticise.

In this case it was very easy to shower praise upon them and it’s cheering to be reminded that martial arts can be a wonderful vehicle for self-development. GM Leon and I were discussing the sheer technical virtuosity of Masters Dave Quinonez and Brad Burgo at the time, in the context of their upcoming seminar in Indianapolis.

Posted by: John Mellon

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Small Circle Jujitsu is a precise and practical system that I often taught to my soldiers. What I like most about Small Circle is speed; soldiers in combat situations need to resolve an encounter quickly and Small Circle Jujitsu training fits that need.

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