Ross Koppel defends his territory

I received a phone call Thursday morning from Ross Koppel, one of my black belts from Small Circle Judo Jujitsu Club. You might find this interesting reading.
Master David Quinonez
7th Dan SCJ and Director of Prof. Wally Jay’s Small Circle Judo


This morning, around 4:30, someone broke into my house. I’ve been struggling with insomnia, so thankfully, I was still awake. I heard a noise and threw my bedroom door open, spying the intruder instantly. I angrily demanded that he leave, while my room-mate called the police. I explained that the police were already on their way and that he should leave. I’m not sure if it was drugs or alcohol, but the basic premise of “cops are coming I should leave,” never crossed his mind. Instead he approached me, furious. That’s around the time violence ensued.

I was standing in the doorway of my bedroom, and he pushed me into the room. He remained in the living room and slammed the door, perhaps attempting to lock me in? I opened the door and he attacked me with everything he had, charging and swinging and swearing all the while. I shuffled backwards, catching a couple fingers in my left hand and slamming them into a lock. His knees buckled, he lost his balance, and he dropped his hands. I cut the fingers to the side, opening him up for the nastiest three-quarter punch I could muster. No wind-up, no swing, just a short right hand to the jaw.

I either rocked him or knocked him out with that punch, but before he hit the ground I unloaded with a right hook. He was out for much longer than a ten-count, and when he came to, that’s when I lost my temper. I was so mad that he was bleeding on everything I owned! My room-mate would later quote me as saying, “Why are you bleeding? Stop bleeding! You break into my house, and bleed on my sheets? Who do you think you are?” I was not happy.

After he came to and finished spitting up blood on my roller-skates, he motioned like he was going to attack me again as soon as he figured out how to stand. I took this moment to close my laptop so it wouldn’t get broken if he charged me again. He stood, and staggered towards me and attempted to fight me again. I dragged him into the hall (my bedroom has a door to the apartment’s main hall) and threw him Sumi otoshi. I maintained control using basic non-committal mat work techniques such as the knee on stomach position and the manoeuvring of his head and neck as he tried to move. That’s when the cops got there.

An officer told me as they hauled him off “He’s going to jail when he gets out of the hospital.

Ross Koppel
Black Belt Small Circle Judo and Jujitsu


Well done to Ross for applying the principles of Small Circle in what must have been a very alarming situation to say the least.

Master David Quinonez teaches Small Circle Judo/Jujitsu at Alameda High School, to find out more about this club click here

Stay safe,

Prof. Leon Jay