Congratulations to those that have been inducted into the black belt ranks within Small Circle Jujitsu. Many of these men and women already have years of experience and black belts in other styles but have chosen to go through the curriculum over the years to achieve their place.
In recent years all black belt gradings have been directly through me and a board of Small Circle Jujitsu Dan grades.  It is my intention to keep to a standard of which we may all be proud to be a part of and make my father smile.  It is a slow process but I believe we are developing a strong foundation.  
We have also brought a few of Small Circle’s Alumni up in the ranks; remembering the international Small Circle Judo team was top class and an integral part of my father’s development of Small Circle Jujitsu.  His style of Judo training is unique and with the guidance of some of his champions, Bradford Burgo, David Quinonez, Steven Siroy and Denise Gonzalez we will be able to perpetuate this legacy.

The following promotions were made:

Albert Bystritskii – 3rd
Charles Terry – 3rd
Nicholas A. Oberheide – 2nd
Mike Scarbrough – 1st
Tyler Clark Jarvis – 1st
Charles W. Matias – 1st
Cary Watts – 1st
Peter Hobart – 1st
Robert Jarolin – 1st
Robert Tocher – 1st
Edmund Waldick – 1st

Prof. Leon Jay