Setting the record straight - a word from Bernice Jay

Wally began developing Small Circle in Hawaii back in the mid 40’s. He was influenced by Ken Kawachi’s utilization of wrist action. Wally was the creator, motivator and innovator of Small Circle continuously working and reworking by day and at night in his dreams. He was one of a kind.

I knew that when Wally passed on there would be claims and stories that are untrue and I will set the record straight now.

Jim Hundon one of Wally’s former students is claiming that he is responsible for making Small Circle Jujitsu and Wally famous. He claims to have co-authored Dynamic Jujitsu and personally helped to develop Small Circle Jujitsu. This is untrue, unfortunately Jim Hundon has been making claims like this and is misleading good people. He is not a Professor in Small Circle Jujitsu there are only three Professors in Small Circle, Wally, Lee Eichelberger and our son Leon Jay. Wally did not want to promote Jim but Leon pressed Wally to promote him thinking he was actually his friend. It was Leon who asked Jim to teach at the home dojo along with other black belts from the Hombu. He has been using the name Small Circle without our permission and is no longer a member of Small Circle Jujitsu.

While I’m at it, many people befriended Wally and he cared for a great many people over the years. Ed Melaugh was one person he spent time with to help him along. Wally was approached to promote Ed to 8th degree and after receiving his rank never spoke to Wally again. Wally would call and leave messages but never received a return call. Wally was deeply disappointed.

It’s not surprising that Leon is receiving so many requests from people that want to be promoted or certified in SCJ but he is carefully looking at directing Small Circle in a way both he and his father would like the organization to move towards.
I will put my two cents in when I feel it necessary and while I’m still here.

Bernice Jay