North of Scotland SCJ Seminar with Professor Leon Jay

Sat 20th February saw the town of  Nairn, in the Scottish Highlands host a Small Circle Jujitsu seminar taken by Professor Leon Jay, Grandmaster of Small circle Jujitsu and son of the world renowned Great Grandmaster and Small Circle Jujitsu founder Wally Jay.

The seminar was organised by Mr. Myles MacRae (4th degree black belt Taekwon Do) and was attended by around sixty Taekwon Do practitioners from the United Kingdom Taekwon Do Federation (to which Myles is affiliated), some having travelled from as far afield as Edinburgh and one student from China to attend. A few members from the local Wado Ryu Karate club from Livingston were also present.

Professor Jay gave an outstanding three and a half hour seminar covering the basic principles of his Small Circle style.  Participants began by learning simple finger locks and progressed quickly to more complex techniques including arm bars and some very effective and characteristic pressure point techniques with the emphasis very much being on close quarter combat.  Latterly Professor Jay discussed energy transfer techniques, breathing exercises and chi.

Everyone enjoyed the seminar immensely and was impressed not only by the effectiveness of the various techniques they were shown and how they complemented the more long range techniques commonly practised in Taekwon Do but also the relaxed and friendly manner in which the information was disseminated by Professor Jay,  who was always happy to do a little one on one demonstrating to ensure everyone had a firm grasp of the purpose and application of what was being taught.

All in all it was a great day with all participants leaving feeling inspired by what they had learnt.  It’s been ten years since Professor Jay last visited the Scottish Highlands to give a seminar, Mr. MacRae and his students are hoping it will not be another ten before he returns again!

By Robin Coltman

Leith TKD (Edinburgh)