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…to the Official website of Small Circle Jujitsu™. This site is the only accurate online source of information about Small Circle Jujitsu™, as it is overseen by Prof. Leon Jay, the Second Generation Headmaster of the system. This site shows the official instructors, dojos, calendar of events and sources of information about Small Circle Jujitsu™.

Latest News

Jujitsu America Announcement

June 2, 2017

Jujitsu America is extending the early discount pricing ($20 off!) for the 2017 National Convention. Register NOW before you miss the discounted price and to help us with planning for how many will be there!!! Train with World Class martial artists, Olympic greats, meet with old/new friends, and much much more! For more information and […]

Prof. Wally Jay’s 99th Birthday

June 15, 2016

Today would have been Professor Wally Jay’s 99th birthday and we will be celebrating this at the Midwest camp in Indianapolis next week. This year proves to be a great one – the instructors teaching at the event have been working hard and have much to share. Register now to avoid disappointment Register See you […]

Prof. Leon Jay featured on the cover of Black Belt Magazine

May 12, 2016

One of the most prestigious moments in the career of a martial artist is to be featured on the cover of the world’s leading martial arts magazine – Black Belt. The Apr/May edition sees Prof. Leon Jay continue the legacy of his father in discussing the intricacies of Small Circle Jujitsu and in the spirit […]


October 14, 2015

Jet City Comics/Joao Vieira “The film Suffragette, which is due for release, portrays the struggle by British women to win the vote. They were exposed to violence and intimidation as their campaign became more militant. So they taught themselves the martial art of jiu-jitsu. Edith Garrud was a tiny woman. Measuring 4ft 11in (150cm) in […]

The Chemist

October 5, 2015

We’re please to share the great news that one of our top instructors Tom Renner (6th Dan) has produced “The Chemist” which has won no less than 7 awards last weekend in LA! “There is always two sides to every everything.yin and yang,darkness and light,good films and bad. The Chemist is bad. Badass that is. […]

Recent Articles

Small Circle Ju-jitsu – A Story of Continuing Evolution

Interview with Leon Jay, 2nd Generation Headmaster. – Part 2 Small Circle Jujitsu’s success – says Leon – lies in its simplicity and its effectiveness.  “Small Circle cuts to the chase in many ways. Finger locks for example. “When you’re being attacked, what’s generally coming at you? If they’re grabbing you, for smaller people, women […]

Author: SCJ Admin

Small Circle Ju-jitsu – A Classic American Art-form

Interview with Leon Jay, 2nd Generation Headmaster. – Part 1 It’s never easy taking over from a legend, so when martial arts giant, Professor Wally Jay handed on control of the Small Circle Jujitsu system to his son Leon, he could have been forgiven for feeling as if this was an impossible act to follow. […]

Author: SCJ Admin

Small Circle Concepts – The Idea Behind the Training Method

I met Professor Wally Jay in the mid-1980’s – and from the moment that I met him he became a seminal and continuing influence upon me.  I had been working on my own training method for several years by that time, and had been trained in a number of grappling methods, which I continue to […]

Author: John Mellon

“Practise makes Perfect”

Leon Jay and the continuing development of the Small Circle Concept At the beginning of the 21st century many martial artists are questioning their abilities to apply their chosen arts, to reconcile the classical with the practicalities of modern life.  It is unsurprisingly difficult therefore, to find instructors able to teach us to walk that […]

Author: John Mellon

Professor Wally Jay and the Scientific Application of Small Circle Jujitsu

As with many of the articles John Mellon has written on Profs. Wally and Leon and the Small Circle Jujitsu system, this was prompted by one of Prof. Wally’s visits to the UK.  It first appeared in Traditional Karate (May 1995). Download the article : Traditional Karate (May 1995)

Author: John Mellon

Small Circle Jujitsu is a precise and practical system that I often taught to my soldiers. What I like most about Small Circle is speed; soldiers in combat situations need to resolve an encounter quickly and Small Circle Jujitsu training fits that need.

Robert A. Guihan,


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